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Coulson’s Ardagh will eye further acquisitions

16th March 2017

An ebullient Paul Coulson has insisted that the Ardagh packaging giant he helped to create is only halfway through what he described as a “phenomenal adventure” following its New York Stock Exchange flotation yesterday that valued the group at about $5.2bn (€4.88bn) after its shares surged 18pc. The executive chairman of the company, Mr Coulson […]

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Reform how bosses’ pay is decided, say unions

15th March 2017

Trade unions have called for major reform of how the pay of executives is set in quoted companies and semi-states. The Irish Congress of Trade Unions wants more transparency around how the remuneration of top bosses is arrived at, a limit on bonuses and a higher rate of tax for those earning more than €1m […]

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Hello world!

1st March 2017

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Tax Tip: EII Scheme

16th February 2017

EII Scheme – Employment and Investment incentive The Employment and Investment incentive (EII) scheme is an income tax relief for investments in certain types of company. The scheme gives investors an income tax deduction on investments up to a maximum of €150,000 in a tax year. You initially get relief at 30% with a further…

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Round Towers GAA Club Kildare Town Presentation:

9th February 2017

Round Towers GAA club Kildare Town Presentation: Frank McMahon Chairman of Round Towers GAA club Kildare Town presents a framed medal marking the centenary of the Easter Rising to Michelle Kemmy the manager of Kildare Town Credit Union. The medal was presented to participants in the Round Towers GAA 5k run and fun run last…

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Paternity Benefit

31st August 2016

Paternity Leave Entitlement: With effect from 1 September 2016, new parents (other than the mother of the child) are entitled to paternity leave from employment or self-employment following birth or adoption of a child – see ‘Rules’ below for who is eligible. The Paternity Leave and Benefit Act 2016 provides for statutory paternity leave of…

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(Q2) Frank McMahon & Co Newsletter

4th May 2016

Q2-2016_Frank McMahon & Co Newsletter

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Change in National Minimum Wage – 2016

12th January 2016

Change in National Minimum Wage – 2016 Since 1 January 2016, under SI 442/2015, the national minimum wage for an experienced adult employee has increased to €9.15 per hour from €8.65 per hour. An experienced adult employee for the purposes of the National Minimum Wage Act is an employee who has an employment of any…

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Home Carer’s Tax Credit Entitlement – Increase for 2017

20th November 2015

Home Carer’s Tax Credit – Increase in 2017 A Home Carer’s Tax Credit is a tax credit given to married couples or civil partners (who are jointly assessed for tax) where one spouse or civil partner works in the home caring for a dependent person. The tax you are liable to pay is calculated as…

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