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Changing Accountants

Are thinking of Changing Accountants?

Changing Accountants at McMahon & Co Accountants is an easy and pain free process and can be done after one consultation.

McMahon & Co takes care of all of the details when changing accountants from requesting all of the required documentation from your previous adviser to making contact with revenue directly on your behalf to register the details. Once you decide to make the move and change accountants you don’t have to do anything else.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering to change accountants and analyse whether you are currently getting the service you require from your current accountant.

  1. Are your calls or inquiries being returned the same day?
  2. Are your accountants making themselves available to meet with you as often as required?
  3. Are they proactive with advice and strategies or do they only get in contact to answer your specific queries?
  4. Do you have full confidence in your accountant?
  5. Are they able to deal with any issue that arises in a timely and efficient manner?
  6. Does your financial adviser keep themselves up to date on all business matters and adapt their practices to reflect the modern business environment that you operate in?
  7. Do you get the feeling that your business is an important client or do you feel like the small fish in the pond?
  8. Are you getting good value and excellent service for the fees you are paying?
  9. When you have a query do you get clear and precise advice that you can understand or do you get industry jargon that leaves you more confused after the call than before?

There can be many reasons why a business would consider changing accountants. All business owners are passionate about their company and it is only natural that they would want everyone connected to their company to be passionate as well. What is required from a modern accountant is a full range of business knowledge that can be imparted to clients on the most important business areas.

In the modern business environment working with great accountants is critical and can make the difference between taking the right path from the start or learning the hard way.

You wouldn’t accept less than first class service with any other aspect of your business and your accountancy should be no exception.

Contact us TODAY for professional advice , we are here to HELP 👍

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