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Are you a Farmer!

the deadline to apply for the Basic Income Support for Sustainability Scheme (BISS) is 15 May 2024. 📅

BISS gives farmers money to farm sustainably.

You apply online at

What is the Basic Income Support for Sustainability Scheme?

The Basic Income Support for Sustainability Scheme (BISS) is the main EU support for farmers. It provides income support to farmers for farming sustainably and to ensure farming continues to be viable.

The amount you get is based on the amount of land you farm that qualifies for the scheme.

The Basic Income Support for Sustainability Scheme replaced the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS).

Do I qualify for BISS?

To qualify for BISS, you must:

  • Have at least one eligible hectare. Each eligible hectare is worth one BISS payment entitlement.
  • Have a registered herd number or have applied for a herd number by 15 May 2024
  • Be considered an active farmer

What is an active farmer?

An active farmer is a person that manages or farms land. To be considered an active farmer, you must:

  • Have a minimum stocking rate of 0.10 livestock units per hectare (the equivalent of at least one ewe per hectare)
  • Be involved in other farming activities, for example, producing crops, cutting hay or silage, topping

You do not have to own the land to qualify for BISS, but you must have control over it, for example, by leasing or renting it.