Tax Time – Income Tax 2017 Deadline

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Income Tax Deadline for 2017 Returns – 31 / 10 / 18

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The Pay and File deadline for self-assessed income tax payers is October 31st.

Self-Assessment applies for Income Tax purposes to:

  1. Self-employed persons (i.e. people carrying on their own business including farming, professions or vocations)
  2. Persons receiving income from sources where some or all of the tax cannot be collected under the PAYE system, for example:
    – profits from rental properties,
    – investment income,
    – foreign income and foreign pensions,
    – maintenance payments made to separated persons or where
    – civil partnerships are dissolved,
    – fees and other income not subject to the PAYE system,
    – profit arising on exercising various Share Options/Share
    – Incentives.

Form 11 – Income Tax Return and Self-Assessment for the year 2017
(Relating to taxes on income and capital gains for self-assessed individuals)

Form 12 Income Tax Return for the year 2017
(Relating to Employees, Pensioners & Non–Proprietary Directors)

Should you require assistance in submitting your Income Tax Return for 2017, or require the return to be completed for you. Contact us TODAY for professional advice , we are here to HELP.

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